Education to Date

Greek Army


I fulfilled my military obligations, servicing for 2 months the Greek army (The year in the HAFA is considered as if I have serviced 10 of the 12 obligatory months the Greek army).

Certificate of Proficiency in English


I acquired the Certificate of Proficiency in English of the University of Michigan.

National Technical University of Athens

2001 – 2007

Having completed the 5-year course, I graduated from the National Technical University of Athens in 2007 with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, receiving the grade 7.12/10.00 (Very Good). I chose the section of “Air and Land Transport Means” courses after the 6th semester. Finally, I elaborated my Diploma Thesis in Robotics receiving the grade 10.00/10.00 (Excellent), which has been proposed by the Supervising Professor to be published.

Undergraduate Scholarship


The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation awarded me with a 5-year scholarship for having been one of the distinguished local students.

Hellenic Air-force Academy

2000 – 2001

I was admitted to the HAFA, pilots’ department. I was second in command of my class. I had one year of Academic, Military and Flight Training. The Flight Training was separated into ground training and air training. The ground training included flight preparation lessons, lectures and flight simulators. As a pilot,  I made 3 one-hour VFR flights with a Cessna T-41D aircraft.

High School


Greek High School Diploma – General Grade: 18,9/20,0